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History of the company

The company's history dates back to 2005, when Vertera (currently the product brand of World of Retail Holding) created Vertera Gel.
The main gel component is laminaria or kelp, brown algae rich in iodine. Natural iodine from plants is easily metabolized and helps to restore the thyroid gland to health, which can have a major impact on our well-being, as thyroid gland is crucial for proper functioning of our body.
The gel product is easier to digest than tablets or capsules.
Vertera Gel is certified as a dietary supplement.


Almost all Vertera products are based on laminaria gel.


The product and production concept are based on scientific research conducted by Professor Vitaly Naumovich Korzun, Dr. habil., researcher at State Institution "O.M. MarzeIev Institute for Public Health of the National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine". Vitaly Naumovich explores the iodine deficiency diseases prevention and treatment, he has developed drugs and dietary supplements that prevent the impact of radionuclides on the body and reduce their washout period.

Dr. Korzun has proved that brown algae is one of the best natural products for getting radioactive isotopes and heavy metal salts out of the system. Vitaly Naumovich has been studying beneficial properties of these plants since 1968. After the Chernobyl disaster, he headed the laboratory at the scientific center for radiation medicine. Professor Korzun is the author of more than 450 research papers and textbooks, 32 copyright certificates and 12 patents for inventions.

Anatoly Khitrov (graduate of Edinburgh Business School; currently World of Retail President) led further efforts to elaborate the technology of Vertera products.

He was the one to unite the team of scientists, industrial engineers and other specialists with international experience. Based on proven scientific research and state-of-the-art production technology, we create products to keep you healthy.

Facing new challenges of megacities, the increasingly rapid pace of life being one of them, we all need to get natural nutrients with food. In our products, natural nutrients remain intact, which means they keep their nutritional value so that you can eat healthy and feel well.


Vertera significantly expanded its product line.

Professor Gennady Bazanov – Dr. habil., Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Tver State Medical Academy, distinguished academic of the Russian Federation, pharmacologist and phytotherapist, headed the company's research unit. He developed dietary supplements and shaped Vertera's focus on herbal medicine.


On December 7, 2014, Vertera launched over-the-counter sales.


The dietary supplements Vertera Forte Apple, Vertera Forte Cherry, Vertera Forte Black Currant and Vertera cosmetics line were developed.

Apart from the Russian market, the company is actively tapping into markets of the Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan.


January – the decision was made to set up World of Retail Holding.

April – Artroplast Vertera Gel was certified according to EU standards.

September – Vertera Forte Apple, Vertera Forte Cherry, Vertera Forte Black Currant, Water complex of extracts, Face Mask, Algae oil, Mineral peeling, Seaweed Gel wrap, 585 g, Seaweed Gel wrap, 1 liter, were certified according to EU standards.


January – the company was reorganized into World of Retail Holding (international online hypermarket). Vertera became one of the product brands of the holding.

February – Vertera Gel, Artroplast, Vertera Forte Apple, Cherry and Black Currant were inspected for safety and certified according to food standards of the European Union at the National Institute of Public Health (Prague).