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Mission, objective, values
Vertera is a production company, a member of World of Retail Holding, which pursues several lines of activity united by the common vision:
  • in-house research laboratory aimed at developing dietary supplements and cosmetics, bringing together scientists and specialists from around the world,
  • state-of-the-art production base, and
  • customer support information center.

We develop and manufacture products that will give you a boost of energy and will help you stay healthy and look beautiful, even if you have to face challenges typical for large cities and industrial areas.

Our mission

We are committed to promoting healthy lifestyle, based on healthy diet and opting for healthy products for yourself and your family.

We believe that each person is responsible not only for his own life, but also for the future of successive generations and his country. Our society, like our family and kin, will be fully functional only when we take care of each other.

Our objective

We aim to create healthy products, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that gives you joy, keeps you fit and enables you to stay beautiful.

Our values

There is nothing more important than family. It brings the meaning into our life, gives us the feeling of support, love and happiness. The family relationships are based on traditions, respect and concern for each other.


Health is the key to happiness. We create products with natural ingredients you can benefit from, so that you could stay healthy and enjoy every day of your life.


The beauty emerges from harmony and balance. Cutting-edge technologies make it happen: science and knowledge enable us to ensure that the products keep their natural ingredients, crucial for human health.


Freedom is the right to live a healthy life to the fullest, choose your own path and the people with whom you want to travel it. Freedom implies movement, a chance to see the world in its splendor and beauty, spend more time with your loved ones and enjoy communication. Freedom is a chance to follow your heart while making career choices. We've chosen to take care of your health.


We constantly conduct research, develop and create innovative products that help people take care of themselves and their loved ones. We take special pride in our original formulas and production technologies.

With Vertera products keeping you healthy and full of vigor, you can devote more time to your favorite activities, creative work and personal development.
Our strength is knowledge and energy. Turning scientific achievements and market opportunities to our advantage, we aim for the stars. Our objectives are ambitious: we want to improve the quality of life and to enable everyone willing to do so to pursue the path of harmonious self-fulfillment and constant development.
We are proud that now thousands of people around the world trust Vertera and opt for safe products and a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.